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One & Friesians
15 March 2012

Another two new projects. Read all about them on the Projects page!

More projects
03 March 2012

I have started two more projects: a head shaking horse and two young TB's.

I met Bob, the owner of 21-year-old Espadon on a...

Project: Rocky
28 February 2012

Rocky is a Quarter horse with a very easy-going character. However he had bolted during a trail ride, resulting in a nasty...



Every horse is an athlete!

johnJohn Erb is a specialist in horse behaviour and (classical) dressage training. At Equine Improvement you will not hear any horse whispering, only clearly spoken language using four key concepts: leadership, non-focus, timing and trust.

Equine improvement
Do you want to improve yourself and your horse? John can help you establish a solid basis that will allow you to get the best out of the both of you. Together we can bring out your horses inner athlete, whether at home or in the arena, and improve your posture and seat.

Better communication
Develop a relationship with your horse that enables you to enjoy each other, anywhere, any time. No more long hours trying to load your horse into the trailer or getting tired because your horse spooks at every fallen leaf on the ground. There is a solution to every problem.

Clinics and demos
Can't wait to get everybody acquainted with the Equine Improvement approach to horse training? You can book a clinic or demo on your location. Don't hesitate, contact us now!

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